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Science: MGCCC Learning Labs

Learning Lab Overview

The mission of the Learning Lab at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is to support and advance teaching and learning by helping students develop the skills necessary to be successful learners through the creation of a supportive learning environment that fosters intellectual growth.

The Learning Lab is a comprehensive academic tutoring facility open to all students of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Currently, the Lab offers one-on-one instruction, small-group instruction, and technology-enhanced learning in math, science, writing, accounting, and study skills.

Jackson County Campus


Melissa Davis Assistant Dean LRC 228/497-7642
Genetris Byrd Administrative Assistant 228/497-1388
Diane Ehrman Science Instructor 228/497-7894
Ivan Philippoff Writing Instructor 228/497-7871
Kelsey Stewart Mathematics Instructor 228/497-7613

Dr. Kristin Luery

Mathematics Instructor



MGCCC Learning Labs website

Harrison County Campus

Adrienne McPhaul Assistant Dean LRC  228/897-2514
  Administrative Assistant
Jana Ball Science Instructor 228/897-3812
Tracey Gillespie Mathematics Instructor    228/897-3805
Bambi Wilkinson Mathematics Instructor 228/ 897-3846
Ashley Tibbs Writing Instructor 228/897-3801


Perkinston Campus

Vanessa Ritchie Assistant Dean LRC   601/928-6242
Amber Morrisette    Administrative Assistant   601/928-6247
Michael McKinney English Instructor   601/928-6383
Vivian Smith    Mathematics Instructor 601/928-6269
Schuyler Webb Science Instructor 601/928-6276
Tammy Hall    Computer Lab Assistant