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About the Library

Library Mission

The mission of the Libraries at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is to provide instructional support services that reinforce the curriculum of the college. We accomplish this by providing a well-trained staff, excellent resources and accessible facilities. We both encourage and assist students to use the resources of our library to meet their personal and educational needs.

Library Services

Student Laptop and CTE Kit Rental

Student Laptop Application Form
Students in need of a laptop to complete MGCCC coursework may apply using the link above. If you are approved, you will be contacted with information about laptop checkout procedures. Laptops must be renewed on campus every 30 days. Applications and renewals for laptops on the Jackson County Campus will go through the Learning Lab.

CTE Kit Checkout Form
If you have received a CTE Kit from your instructor, you must fill out the user agreement form above indicating that you understand the terms and conditions.


Library Orientations


MGCCC Librarians are available to provide orientations for classes on using library resources. To minimize scheduling conflicts, requesting the session well in advance is appreciated. To schedule a library orientation for your class in the library or to have a librarian come to your classroom, contact your campus library.

Library Orientation Request Form


Book/Video Order Requests

Faculty, staff, and students may recommend items to be purchased, but the final decision concerning purchase rests with the Assistant Dean of Learning Resources. Full consideration of each item will be given but the items must support the college curriculum.

Book/Video Order Form