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Virtual Reality at the Library: VR at MGCCC

Learn more about virtual reality and see what is available to you at the library.

Learning Lab

Oculus Rift (3 headsets; 3 sets of Touch controllers)

Apps Available 

To use the equipment, sign it out with the Learning Lab staff. By signing, you take responsibility for the equipment and accept any damages may be billed to your account. Lab employees will verify that equipment seems to be in working order when returned.

For more information, contact the Learning Lab.


Oculus Rift (1 headset; 1 set of Touch controllers)

Apps Available

To use the equipment, check out the equipment at the front desk for use in the library only. Use is limited to two hours, but may be extended to four hours if no one else is waiting for it. Students must not violate any noise policies while using the equipment.

For more information, contact the Library.

What is Virtual Reality?

"A virtual reality system is an interactive technology setup (software, hardware, peripheral devices, and other items) that acts as a human-to-computer interface and immerses its user in a computer-generated three-dimensional environment. Virtual reality is the environment or world that the user experiences while using such a system." 

Read more at:
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