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Art: MGCCC Libraries

Libary Overview

This LibGuide will provide an overview to the resources available through the MGCCC Libraries. Physical libraries are located on each campus: JC, JD, and PC. The card catalog, eBooks, databases, and streaming video are located on the library website,

Jackson County Campus



Lisa Rhodes

Assistant Dean LRC 228/497-7642


Gwendolyn Carter Librarian 228/497-7715
Johanna Martin Administrative Assistant


Jason Poirier Media Services Technician 228/497-7891

MGCCC Library website

Jefferson Davis Campus

Nancy Wilcox   Assistant Dean LRC   228/896-2514
Kristen Barnett    Librarian   228/897-3809
Shake DeLozier Librarian   228/897-3880
Kerry Ladnier Administrative Assistant 228/896-2540
Aaron Standberry Media Services Technician   228/896-2525

Perkinston Campus

Vanessa Ritchie   Assistant Dean LRC   601/928-6242
Laura Savage Librarian 601/928-6380
Shugana Williams Librarian   601/928-6259
Erin Elliott Administrative Assistant 601/928-6286
Nick Flint Media Services Technician 601/928-6364


Subject Guide

Gwendolyn Carter's picture
Gwendolyn Carter
MGCCC Libraries
JC: 228/497-7830; JD: 228.896.2540; PK: 601.928.6286